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With Kendall, there’s no obligation to buy or sell. Take our offer and think it over, because it’s good for 3 days or an additional 500 miles from the time a quote is given.

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Schedule a pickup with our team and we’ll do a complimentary pick up your car * and leave you with a check**. We can even be there in as little as an hour.

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You’ll get an instant offer with Kendall’s appraisal tool. Of course, you don’t have to take the offer, so we’ll give you 3 days or 500 miles to weigh your options.

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Schedule a pickup with our team and we’ll bring your check to you**.


When selling your vehicle, offers are based on Kelly Blue Book Values. Depending on market value or your vehicle, we could pay more than KBB.


Get an Instant Appraisal

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Phone: 907-793-8299

*Pickup service limited to dealership availability


Phone: 208-991-5609


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*Pickup service not available in Washington


Phone: 406-948-9021

*Pickup service not available in Montana


Phone: 541-335-6997


Kendall Buys Cars! We know that selling it yourself can be challenging. We’ll give you a check for your used car. Use our handy appraisal tool to get an instant quote. We'll pick up your vehicle and pay you, oftentimes, within the same day!


We are located in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Alaska.